Non-Sequiturs: 08.25.15

* Too many students who still apply and attend law school, convinced they are the special snowflake that will beat the odds, are just lying to themselves. [Law and More] * A new motion in the case of Adnan Syed, featured in the inaugural and highly successful first season of the Serial podcast, casts doubt on key evidence used to convict him. [Gawker] * Attention in-house counsel: Please, please, please stop sending money to a Nigerian prince. It is, in fact, a scam. [Corporate Counsel] * The legal battle to define mayo has reached its conclusion. Cutting edge of the legal world people. [Slate] * Colleges are back in session and have to deal with the ramifications of incredibly offensive and juvenile behavior. Again. [Popehat] * Is it possible there will be a legal research competitor to Lexis and Westlaw? Or Nah? [William Ha]






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