Non-Sequiturs: 08.24.15

* I get that litigation is expensive, but I promise, Tom Brady doesn’t need donations for his Deflategate legal bills. Especially not when they’re solicited in an obituary. [Deadspin] * Protip: Don’t ask a female attorney if she is going through menopause, unless you like sanctions. [Lawyers for the Profession] * Great time waster: what’s the weirdest law in your home state? [Yahoo!] * Lat reviews Allegiance (affiliate link), a novel by Kermit Roosevelt featuring a Supreme Court clerk. [Wall Street Journal] * An all too realistic look at what it is like to be a lawyer — substance abuse, terrible workload, self-loathing and all. [Vice] * A case study of estate planning as played out in the life of fashion icon Helen Gurley Brown. [New York Times] * Heads up to Missouri lawmakers — you don’t end sexual harassment by telling interns to dress “modest.” [Think Progress]

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