Non-Sequiturs: 08.13.15

* The legal battle over the AIG bailout rolls into the Federal Circuit. [DealBook / New York Times] * What does a lawyer say when he gets caught swapping fees for oral sex? Claim sex addiction, of course! [Legal Profession Blog] * The New Orleans public defender office is a testament to underfunding. [Buzzfeed News] * Charleston School of Law loses a dean right before school resumes. Yep, nothing wrong here! [South Carolina Lawyers Weekly] * Neighbors sue 8-year-old girl for being kind to animals (or sues her parents anyway). [KIRO] * A friend remembers John Ralston Pate. [What About Clients?] * A counterargument to the suggestion of suspect classification for poverty (final item). [PrawfsBlawg] * The ABA is diving into the world of legal publishing, riding the success of Supreme Ambitions (affiliate link). [Chicago Tribune] * A domestic violence defendant got the first name of his judge tattooed on his neck. Paul Clement has similar ink that reads “Nino.” Check out the pic. [North Carolina Lawyers Weekly] CMToR96UAAAKHQh.jpg-large

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