Non-Sequiturs: 07.24.15

* Cocaine-swiping judge out on work release. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] * Autozone settles $185 million suit over firing a pregnant worker. [Jezebel] * Once Donald Trump shuts up about illegal immigrants, maybe the adults in the room can start talking about the horrific conditions facing legal migrants, specifically those with H-2 visas. [BuzzFeed News] * It sounds like this guy deserved more than a 30-month license suspension. [Legal Profession Blog] * Things you can’t tell your employees: that they look “quite f**kable.” [Legal Cheek] * A new report focuses on disabilities in the legal profession. [BWB Solutions] * If you write off “trigger warnings” as an assault on academic freedom, you might be missing the point. [TaxProf Blog] * More on why a ban on T-14 hires is stupid. [Break Into Biglaw] * Kaye Scholer’s Michael Solow discusses his experiences with the real-life Professor Kingsfield. [Big Law Business / Bloomberg BNA]

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